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Utopic Information


Introducing...Utopic Essential Nutrients, the revolutionary 5 Part Line-UP that has redefined Cannabis Cultivation. Using "side by side" testing with hundreds of growers at every experience level, UTOPIC is becoming a trusted name in the plant nutrition. Cultivators and growers from across the industry are turning to UTOPIC as their "go to" solution for achieving vigorous root development, consistent plant health, bountiful yields and exceptional flower quality.
Utopic Essential Nutrients is meticulously crafted using cutting edge scientific research and the purest high quality ingredients. A comprehensive and precisely balanced blend of macro and micronutrients, pure liquid plant hormones, silicates, humates and other all natural ingredients ensures your plants receive all they need to reach their full genetic potential.
Able to be used indoor or outdoor, using any growing methodology and in any medium, makes UTOPIC the most versatile and tweakable nutrient line on the market today.
With its proven track record of SUCCESS and with the ENDORSEMENT of countless satisfied customers, (120 day 100% money back guarantee) Utopic Essential Nutrients has earned a reputation for reliability, consistency and excellence, making it the preferred choice for professionals, caregivers and enthusiasts alike.
COME JOIN THE MOVEMENT and experience the difference UTOPIC can make for you and your grow...helping YOU make better medicine... helping YOU..."DISCOVER OUR TRUTH".


All Shipping cost are included in the Price

Micro Magic 3-0-3

Our Micro Magic is loaded with all the micronutrients your plants need to not only survive but to thrive. Each ingredient plays a specific but vital roll in the overall health of your plants. When you bring the synergy of the most refined micronutrients in one product, you unleash the power your plants need to reach their full genetic potential. Vigorous root growth, strong stalks, increased branch growth and strength, beautiful green foliage, increased bud sites and beautiful flower is what you can expect using Micro Magic.

Solar Sulfur 1-0-11

 Along with Calcium and Magnesium, Sulfur is considered a Secondary Macronutrient that must be metabolized by microorganisms into Sulphate (SO4) before it can become readily available for your plants. We utilize the power of Potassium + Sulfur to make Solar Sulfur water soluble and ready for immediate uptake. Sulfur needs Nitrogen to do its best, so we included a boost of Nitrogen to cover every angle. Responsible for the formation of chlorophyll molecules and their distribution, promoting root growth and overall plant growth and health, Solar Sulfur is an outstanding and necessary addition to your feeding regimen.

Far Out Phosphate 1-7-3

Far Out Phosphate is our uniquely formulated NPK, made with the most refined raw materials sourced worldwide, makes our NPK the most readily available, water soluble product on the market. Made with Nitrate Nitrogen, pure Phosphorus and a boost of Potassium Nitrate, this clean combination of “The Big Three” will take your plants to a whole new level.

Elixir of Life 0-0-3

Is EXACTLY that! A treasure trove of natural and organic ingredients your plants are craving for. A powerful proprietary blend of Plant Hormones, (derived from kelp), Humates and Potassium Silicate promoting overall plant strength, wellness and extreme vigor. This is truly an exceptional product that you must see with your own eyes. Every team needs a secret weapon and Elixir Of Life…is yours!

Flower Power 5-0-2

Calcium and Magnesium are vital for the cannabis plant’s structural integrity, nutrient uptake, enzyme activation, disease resistance, chlorophyll transfer and stress tolerance. Ensuring a proper balance of these “Secondary Macronutrients”, is crucial for maximizing the growth, yield and overall health of your plants. To make our “Cal-Mag” even more unique, we added a blast of Nitrate Nitrogen and Potassium for immediate availability. Consider our Flower Power the “Primary “ staple, rounding out our 5 Part Line-Up.

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