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Hello Let me introduce myself my name is:

Evelyn (evEE) Walbecq

Ambassador, Utopic Essential Nutrients

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My Story

      Evelyn was born and raised on Detroit's West Side and graduated from Milford High School in the 80’s. A free spirit, Hungarian Hippie Gypsy went to Colorado for a two week vacation and returned home just in time for her 30 Year HS Reunion.


     Living nearly 2 miles up in the Rocky Mountains her soul found solace on her motorcycle, wind in her hair and a breeze on her knees, she fell in love with the compassion and generosity found in her local biker community. Leave no brother or sister behind became her mantra and helping those in need became an almost every weekend event!


    Evi returned to Michigan to care for her mother after a surgery and it was then she met her future husband, Founder of Utopic Essential Nutrients Rod “Doc” Walbecq.


     The following is a true story. In June 2020 during the height of COVID 19, Evelyn’s heart just abruptly stopped without warning. With Rod performing CPR and paramedics using a defibrillator 5 times, nothing was bringing her back. Expecting the worst when arriving at the hospital, Rod found out paramedics were able to get a heartbeat. After stabilization, Evelyn spent five days in ICU on a ventilator and each day Rod was allowed 1 hour with his wife. On the first day, the doctor ordered Evelyn to be frozen for 24 hours. Hospital staff told Rod to come back in 3 days. On day three, four and five Evelyn showed no signs of any recovery. On that fifth day, the doctor said “we’ll give her one more day and if nothing, we will need to make different decisions.” Rod knew her final wishes and was ready for the worst. On day 6, Rod with her son Dylan, gave Evelyn one last chance to show any signs of recovery. So, like the days before, Rod placed his fingers in Evi’s palm and said “Sweetheart, squeeze my fingers!” BAM, she squeezed them. Rod screamed and the nurses and doctors rushed in! Her son Dylan said “Mom, squeeze my fingers!” BAM, she squeezed his fingers!! One of the nurses with tears in her eyes whispered to Rod, “with all these people dying of Covid 19, we really needed this WIN!”


     Today, you’ll find Evi, right by her man’s side, supporting his dream, cracking dirty jokes, and ensuring everyone she meets walks away with a bikers hug and a smile, forever grateful for each new day! She’s a “ride or die” kind of lady!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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