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Hello Let me introduce myself my name is:

Maryjane “Speedy” Beattie

Business Advisor

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My Story


     Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1941, a first generation immigrant from Hungary and the granddaughter of a cobbler, Maryjane was a one of kind, kinda gal!


    As a young girl Mary was forced from the loving home of her grandparents to live with her mentally ill biological mother. Once in High School, she was given an opportunity to care for an elderly neighbor, Mrs. Stever. During that short spell, Mary and Mrs. Stever became very close and a friendship and mentorship was formed. Soon after, Mrs. Stever needed full time care and that’s when Mary made her move, cut ties with her abusive mother, quit High School and moved in to give her mentor full time care. This time spent with Mrs. Stever made the lady before us today.


   Turns out, Maryjane was quite a “looker” in her day and caught the eye of her husband of 63 years, Thomas “Pops” Beattie. Mary spent her life applying Mrs. Stever’s words of knowledge in raising her 3 “girls”, and prides herself on ensuring that her girls grew up to be strong, self assured and capable women.


     Her favorite job outside her home was when she became a bus driver for the local school district where she earned the respect of parents and the love from the students she transported to and from each day. Mary became so efficient at her job she earned the nickname “Speedy Beattie”. Each and every day she greeted her “kids” with a “Good Morning” and dropped them off safe at home with “Have a great night”.


     Today you’ll find Maryjane caring for her husband, tending her garden, missing her favorite Pup, Lady…or advising the gang at Utopic on sound business strategies.


     I guess you could say this Lady, at the age of 83, is still driving the bus!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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